Waterproof Pet Shoes - Animax Pet Shop
Waterproof Pet Shoes - Animax Pet Shop
Waterproof Pet Shoes - Animax Pet Shop
Waterproof Pet Shoes - Animax Pet Shop
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Waterproof Pet Shoes

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Sporty waterproof dog boot with waterproof, breathable and flexible upper - great for keeping paws clean during a nice walk on the trail.

Waterproof Pet Shoes can keep your pup’s paws safe on the searing hot summer pavement or painfully cold and slippery winter ground. If you have hardwood floors, gripped dog socks can also make your dog better able to take on fast turns and hard stops, thanks to the friction they provide. Silicone dog boots also available online and can be just the thing to keep your pooch from falling and slipping after a spring rain or strong hail storm.

Just as your shoes protect your feet, a dog boot can help keep the sharp glass, pointy burrs, and other ground-dwelling dangers from cutting up your furry best friend’s paw. Have patience with your dog, as it may take a while for them to learn to walk in doggie footwear. And remember to reward them once they've mastered the art of strutting in their cool new dog shoes. Keep your dogs in great running and walking shape all year long with the right dog shoes, boots, or booties for them. 

Material: Corduroy
Type: Dogs
Color: Black/Blue/Rose
Type: Dog shoe boots
Feature: Keep warm, waterproof, lovely, Non-slip, Thick
Season: Autumn/Winter
Occasion: snow rain dog shoes
Packed: 4pcs/lot
Applicable for: Small-medium puppy dogs

Customer Reviews

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For sznaucera miniature perfect. Cool made. Shipping has come after more than a month


Boots for summer and early not rainy autumn, for only slightly damp weather


too small for my shih shu


Arrived early. And it fit good!


I bought this for my older dog as he has a paralyzed leg and he drags his foot and always cuts it open. This protects his foot from bleeding and it’s easy to use.