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Agrilabs Vet Gun CO2 cartridges 25gm 6 Pack

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VetGun 25g CO2 6 Pack

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Each shot = approximately 1g of CO2

This package treats 150 head.

for use with the VetCaps VetGun Propelled Insecticide Delivery System to treat Horn Flies and Lice in Cattle.

The VetGun™ Insecticide Delivery System is a unique system for delivering insecticide-filled AiM-A and AiM-L VetCaps to control horn flies and lice on cattle without having to catch the cattle and run them through the chute. The AiM-L VetCaps, which burst upon contact, deliver the powerful insecticide. The VetGun is powered by CO2 and can be utilized from 15' - 30' away. Simply aim, shoot and treat the cattle.

The VetGun is easy to operate, is quite accurate and a reliable, a low-stress way to treat cattle. Cattle may be treated while milling around or feeding, without added stress or labor. Allows one person to easily apply insecticide from horseback, pickup, ATV, or while on foot. Saves time and puts you in control of when and where you treat your cattle.

Features Include

Precision-engineered CO2 power to project a precise dosage of AiM-A or AiM-L VetCaps to treat the animal

Patented new dosage form that encapsulates liquid parasiticides in a special soft gel capsule

Designed to be used at a range of 15 - 30 feet

Works in a similar way to pour-on parasiticide products

VetGun and VetCaps are engineered not to startle the cattle and to minimize any discomfort caused by the dosing process

GelCaps are brightly colored, allowing producers to tell which cattle have been treated.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved topical insecticide is proven effective for control of horn flies and lice on cattle

Specifically engineered to withstand transportation and handling, yet bursts upon contact with the animal.

AiM-L VetCaps contains 10mL of lambda-cyhalothrin encased in a specialized capsule to be used exclusively with the VetGun

AiM-A VetCaps contain Abamectin

The leading cause of economic loss in the cattle industry is from parasites, particularly horn flies. Horn flies interrupt cattle from grazing and can cause as much as one pint of blood loss per day per animal, resulting in up to 30 percent less weight gain in just 80 days.

Overall, horn flies cost the U.S. cattle industry nearly $1 billion per year. Treatment methods against these blood-sucking parasites include spray-on, pour-on, insecticide ear tags, dustbags, and feed additives. But the most traditional horn fly treatments require rounding up the cattle and running them through a chute. This labor-intensive process provides inaccurate dosage control, creates stress and risks injury to you and your cattle.

Because most cattle raisers try to handle their cattle as little as possible, some parasites aren't treated at the best time or don't get treated at all. VetGun and AiM VetCaps provides control where and when you need it.

Visit the VetGun Channel on YouTube for video tutorials on how to use their products.

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    Agrilabs Vet Gun CO2 cartridges 25gm 6 Pack


    Agrilabs Vet Gun CO2 cartridges 25gm 6 Pack


    Agrilabs Vet Gun CO2 cartridges 25gm 6 Pack


    Agrilabs Vet Gun CO2 cartridges 25gm 6 Pack


    Agrilabs Vet Gun CO2 cartridges 25gm 6 Pack