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Magic Pet Hair Lifter Sponge (Buy 1 take 3)

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The Magic Pet Hair Lifter Sponge is a reusable sponge that instantly removes pet hair.

The sponge leaves no residue and can be used over and over again! It's the most effective product on the market for removing fine pet hair from clothing, upholstery, drapes, bedding, carpet, automobile interiors and more. Eliminate - Destroy the collection of pet hair in your home.

Instant - With just one swipe pet hair will be removed from any surface.

Reusable - Pet Hair Lifter sponge can be used over and over again. When necessary, simply wash the sponge with mild soap and water and allow sponge to dry thoroughly before reusing again.

Removes - Hair, dust, dirt to keep the surfaces in your home clean.

Use On - Window screens, lampshades, blinds, drapes, tile, lights, ceiling vents, baseboards, heat registers, computer screens, walls, woodwork, carpets, upholstery, and clothing.

Product  parameters:

Material:  foam
Specification  (approx.):  97mm  *  97mm  *  20mm/  3.82  *  3.82  *  0.79in

Product  features:  
1.  The product can adsorb and remove the pet hair stuck on carpets and sofas  (or even those penetrated into carpets and sofas) easily and collect them for cleaning.
2.  The product does not stick to hair in itself,  and it doesn't require a cleaning machine.  In addition, it doesn't consume power,  so it's economical and environmentally friendly.

1.  You just need to wipe gently with the product for cleaning and its general service life is up to one year.
2.  The effect can be more significant if it's used to clean the relatively long animal hair such as the hair of a cat or Shiba dog.
3.  The hair is likely to stick on the brush due to the static electricity in winter.  To solve this problem,  you just need to wet the product with a little spray, and the hair can be removed easily thereafter.
4.  The surface of the product will get dry and rough if it's left idle for a long period of time.  And you can grind the dry surface off to restore its original state by the time.

Customer Reviews

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It really works I am super happy and can only recommend it


Looks like he's doing his function pretty well, i'll try the car seats.


Although i had doubts with this product, it actually works!


Works perfect!


The product works great on my couch. The good thing is i can use it at nighttime or any other time that is not suitable for a vacuum cleaner. Definitely a must have for cat owners.