Services We Offer

Brand Management

Since competition is high, we need to make sure that your business stands out from the rest. To do this, branding will make a difference in the way your target audience will perceive you.

Our team will work closely with your team to discuss your brand story. In order for us to provide you with proper brand management service, we need to know more about your company – what you do, products and services you offer, your partners and suppliers, and your presence on other platforms.

Content Management

Content management encompasses moderating and creating your listings’ content – including images and written content. Getting the right content will result to consumers’ increased awareness of your brand. We will transform and optimize your product listings on Amazon to reach greater viewing and higher conversion rates.

Pricing Monitoring

Your brand should always follow the minimum advertised price (MAP) policy. If your brand does not have a MAP policy yet, Animax will gladly make one that suits your brand. Otherwise, our team will help you to properly implement and enforce it with all your accredited resellers.

Our pricing monitoring service will help you keep track of all your resellers. With this, you will be able to determine which resellers are non-compliant to your company’s pricing, branding, policies, and promotions. We also help discover any unauthorized resellers and counterfeits of your brands.

Our team will execute a thorough process to help you get rid of any threat to your brand’s success as quickly as possible. Animax will examine and assess the situation, investigate, identify the culprits, and resolve issues so that you can take full control of your business. We will work with the Brand Registry Team of Amazon to get rid of any counterfeit products that endangers your brand.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon has become the fastest growing platform on the internet – even outshadowing Google in products searches. In order for you to get your listings across a wider audience, you have to leverage the most out of Amazon advertising.

We will use Amazon’s advertising tools – Amazon Marketing Group, Amazon Marketing Services, and Seller Central Campaign Manager – to get you on top of your game. With these ad campaigns, our experts will come up with a strategy specifically made for you.

Amazon Compliance

While Amazon is hugely popular, it is not a simple platform to master. Amazon is constantly subjected to policy changes in order to improve operations and to keep up with the demands that increases on a daily basis.

You would not want to get caught up with these changes, right? Making sure your brand is Amazon-compliant can become too tedious. Leave the nitty-gritty to us so you can focus more on you brand.

Whenever Amazon implements any changes in its previous policies, Animax will be there to help you out. You don’t have to worry about anything. We will use our network and contacts from Amazon so that your listings are updated as soon as policy changes are posted.


Being an Amazon seller will also mean you have to handle third party logistics. If you are new to this, logistics is a very complicated process. No need to fret though, we will handle the entire logistics process for your brand.

Animax has its in-house warehouse team to do the Amazon-compliant product prepping, packing, labeling, and shipping for you. Expect precise and fast delivery of your products to FBA warehouses of Amazon.