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Electric Flea Comb For Pets

Electric Flea Comb is a revolutionary new device that is designed to keep you and your pets happy by combining a comb and vacuum technology. Your pets get a soothing...

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Pet Water and Food Bottle

2 in 1 Travel Pet Water and Food Bottle   The most important thing when traveling is to reduce the amount of luggage you are carrying. Without dog water bottle multifunctional...


3 Piece Set Pet Hair Remover

Quickly and Efficiently Pick Up A Lot Of Mess Need to remove pet fur, hair or lint from your clothing, furniture, couch, carpeting, bedding, pants or even your car interior?...


Warm Pet Jacket

Dog jackets, coats, and raincoats are a great way to suit up your pup and maintain their daily walking routine in all kinds of weather. Although some dogs are bred...


Christmas Dog Coat

Get your dog in the Christmas spirit with the Christmas Dog Coat!Why We Love It:Your dog is sure to impress this holiday season in this adorable Christmas Dog Coat!  This...

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Regular Price:$7.20

Pet Massager

【Deep Scalp Massage】The scalp head massager with 76pcs 3D deep-kneading nodes, deep and fully massage head, which helps increase blood circulation, boost hair growth, release stress and relieve sore, etc....

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Motion Ball For Pets

Motion Ball has been designed to eliminate your pets feeling of loneliness and boredom while you are away, giving them the fun, interaction, and exercise that they crave when you...

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Don’t you just hate it when you can’t reach behind your pet’s ear to remove the excess fur? Areas like their face, behind their ears, and around their paws still...

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Portable Pet Tent

This Portable Pet Tent can be used as a playpen for your pet. It provides a secure and safe environment for your pet at the park, at home and when...

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Super Absorbent Pet Mat- Multi Sizes

 Do you have a puppy that you're training or an elderly dog? These super absorbable pet diapers/mats are what will keep your house clean from urine. Save your rugs and...

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Pet Pooper Scooper

It can quickly and easily clean the dog's poop, and the perfect design ensures that it can clean up. The powerful spring device can be easily opened by one hand...


Electric Painless Pet Nail Clipper

Start treating your pet like he's one of the family. You and your pet will love this Electric Painless Pet Nail Clipper! Description & Features: NO MESS: Revolutionary nail trimmer for...

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