Here in Animax Pet Shop we’re not only selling pet products but also we share some facts, myths and how to take good care of our pets.

 Today, this article is about our small carnivorous mammal that is domesticated and commonly kept as a pet. We’re talking about our live vibrating, purring, adorable, friend,  The Cats.



 Cats originated in the Fertile Crescent in the Near East Neolithic period and ancient Egypt. They have a strong flexible body, quick reflexes, sharp teeth and retractable claws for hunting prey. Compared to us humans, they can hear sound too faint or too high frequency for human ears. They can see better in the dark but have poor color vision, also they have a better sense of smell.


 Cats communicate using vocalizations including meowing, purring, hissing, howling, grunting, and well specific body languages J their sizes generally smaller than wildcats in both limbs and skull typically weighing 4 to 5 kilos (though some species-wide range in sizes). Cat’s normal temperature is 38.6 C (101.5 F) with a heart rate of 120 – 140 beats per minute. Their average lifespan ranging 9 to 15 years but some reports, some cats surviving their 30’s.




There are 100 breeds of domesticated cats and more than 500 million population around the world. They can adapt easily to a different condition.



 Cats worshipped in ancient Egypt and believed they are a sacred animal. It was praised for killing rats and mice, symbolizes grace, fertility, happiness, and warmth. In China, Li Chou was a feline fertility god who received sacrifices at the end of the harvest, while ancient India’s cat goddess, Sastht, was a deity of maternity. In Ireland, a cat-headed god was idolized during the 1st century, and a huge black feline named Iruscan — the “King of the Cats”. In ancient Japan, cats were revered and kept in pagodas, where they guarded over priceless manuscripts. Felines were considered so precious in the 10th century that only members of the nobility could own them.


 During the middle ages, people believed that if a black cat crossed your path or home, it was a sign of good luck. During the Middle Ages, people believed that if a black cat crossed your path or home, it was a sign of good luck. Buddhism believed that cats acted as hosts for certain holy human souls after death. These select souls would inhabit the felines for the rest of their natural lives, thus allowing the departed soul to gain access to Paradise.


Cats and humans!

 It’s said that having a cat has numerous health benefits; even stroking a cat is known to reduce stress levels. They care for us in so many ways. They make us smile, laugh and shows us joy in life. The nursing us when we are sick or sad using their magical purr.



Taking care of your cats!


  • Cats need a scratching post, should be at least 30+” high and stable covered with a sisal material or rope.  
  • NEVER PUNISH a CAT! It only frightens and confuses them, it could spoil your relationship with your cat and compound the problem.
  • Provide sanitary bathrooms cats love clean bathrooms.
  • Cats love to nap, especially in the sunshine. While licking their fur-warmed by the sun they are also ingesting an essential vitamin. Provide them a comfortable bed.
  • Protect your cat from small objects that can be swallowed. String and yarn are deadly. If you wouldn’t give an object to a small child, don’t give it to the cat.
  • If you noticed something different on your cat (lost appetite, weak, etc.), get a veterinary consultation.




Love your cats, it benefits you and your precious companion. There so many reasons to love them. LOVE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY AS THEY LOVE YOU. 


 So there you have it, next time we will share to you some facts about the characteristics and behavior every cat breeds. This is Animax Pet shop, love your pets and they will love you 3000 folds more.



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